May 1, 2012

Take 2

I'm starting again.  Today.  For real.

I've always wanted to do this, yet I posted a whopping two posts and quit.  I don't know why.  God has kept blogging on my heart this entire time, but I've been afraid to commit.  I'm afraid to put myself out there.  But today is a new day and I am going to do this!

My heart right now is jumbled up.  I struggle daily with managing life - kids, marriage, a full time job, budgeting, working out, housekeeping, being a Girl Scout leader.  I always feel like it is too much.  I know I'm not alone but I feel like no one wants to admit that this is hard.  I want my life to be different.  I want peace, joy, and patience.  I need self-control, kindness and gentleness.  I need Jesus!

I guess this blog will be where I journal my misadventures as a busy working mom trying to figure it all out.  I hope to find other working moms in the process who can share their wisdom.  Together we can find a way to make the most of the days the Lord has given us!

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