May 29, 2012

More Moments Like This

Sunday was perfect.  After church in the morning, we ran to Lowes to get a few hanging pots - flowers for the front yard and a fern for the kitchen.  Had a great lunch and then I headed to the grocery store.

The fun began when I got home.  Hubby had set up the plastic wading pool and water table for the girls.  I had purchased a few tiny water guns.  We spent the afternoon getting wet, enjoying the beautiful weather.

It was the kind of day I want to have every day.  I was actually only out there with them for maybe two hours, but it was two hours filled with fun. No worrying about chores.  No iPhone or Facebook distractions.  No TV. Just me and the girls and a beautiful day.

I don't know why it is so hard for me to enjoy moments like this.  I don't know why I let stress get the best of me.  Instead I think of work responsibilities on a long weekend when (hopefully) no one else is thinking about their day jobs.  I focus on all of the chores around the house that aren't done.  I worry about money, calories, the future, grocery lists, laundry, and much, much more.

But life is too short for that.

Around the neighborhood we have a number of kids graduating from high school.  They were just starting 6th grade when we moved in the neighborhood.  It seems like that was just yesterday.  And here they are getting ready to go away to college in the fall.  I know it won't be long before my girls will be getting to that point in their lives.  Will I remember days like Sunday?  Or will I remember being stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious all of the time?

I know what I want to remember. And I will do my best starting now to create moments like this everyday.  Moments where I don't worry. Moments where I laugh along with my daughters.  Moments where messes are ok and smiles are abundant.  I know the everyday stresses still have to happen. But life is too short to let them take away from enjoying God's blessings.

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