May 9, 2012

Family Calendars

I'm sure I was late to join the Google calendar bandwagon, but in case anyone else has yet to hear, Google calendar rocks!  My husband has a crazy schedule that changes every season.  In addition to being a high school teacher, he coaches three sports: college football, high school wrestling, and high school track.

Even though he's been doing all of this forever, it still is hard for me to remember what each season is like schedule wise.  Enter Google calendar.  At the beginning of each season I can enter the schedule onto our calendar.  Then, when anything changes or is added, he can make updates right away from his phone.

This helps in so many ways.  Since the calendar works on our iPhones, we can make changes no matter where we are.  And, no matter where we are, we always have access to our calendar (as long as we don't forget our phones!).  I feel like this calendar has given us freedom as I can quickly decide whether or not we can add an event to our calendar.  Believe it or not, this makes it easier to add fun things to our schedules as I can quickly see when we are free and when we are not.

Of course, this is a major stress reducer, too.  As our girls get older, I'm sure they'll get busier.  In fact, they are already pretty busy.  Now my husband and I can better coordinate our schedules to make sure the girls can get to their activities.  There's less worry, as anything we might possibly forget is on the calendar.  The calendar also helps prevent forgetting important events, like Lil' Sis's first dance recital!

Since the girls don't have iPhones, at home we have a white board calendar on the kitchen wall.  It's right by the garage door, so we can all see it every time we leave the house.  Big Sis loves the calendar as it makes it easy for her to see what she has to do each day and can easily see what big events she has to look forward to each month.  I only wish Google calendar could update the white board calendar for me!

How do you organize your family schedule?

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