June 1, 2012

My First InstaFriday

I'm so excited to be linking up to InstaFriday for the very first time! Here's a glance into my past week.

I thought I'd start today off with how I start my mornings.  Jillian has become a good friend of mine lately, as I get ready for our summer vacation.  Her workouts are pretty tough and yet quick at the same time.  I really hate spending more than 30 to 40 minutes working out in the mornings.  Thankfully her DVDs pretty much fit right into my schedule.  And when I'm not with her, you can find me here bright and early in the morning:
I really enjoy running on the treadmill.  Especially to the Workout Radio station on Pandora!

Once I'm done working out I'll grab some breakfast and surf online or work on a Bible study.  I started this one this week:

I just love Beth Moore's studies.  This is my third one this year.  

My memory verse for the week.  I think a lot of the stress in my life comes from my trying to win the approval of others.  This verse is a good reminder that when I put my focus on gaining the approval of those around me I am not focusing on Christ as I should be.

This has been my favorite Bath and Body Works scent for the past few years.  As you can see I'm running low so I ran to the mall to get more.  I was shocked to discover that they are no longer selling it!  They replaced it with a scent that smells way too much like limes and not enough like coconut.  I don't understand how they could do this to me!
So, these three scents will be working hard this summer to replace my lost love!  I cannot decide which one will be my favorite, though the girls are pulling for Rio Rumberry!

Speaking of the girls, I just love hearing the sound of them playing on the swingset in the backyard.  99.9% of the time they get along so well!  I can hear them through the window above the kitchen sink and it is music to my ears.

For our Memorial Day picnic, I introduced the girls to the joy of husking corn!  When I was a kid I remember having to do this with my cousin before family cookouts, so now it is time to pass the torch.  Big Sis says she'll never teach her kids how to do this because it is so much fun that she wants to keep the job to herself! Lil' Sis decided that she cannot wait to teach her kids so that she can just sit in the sun and relax.  It's funny how two girls from the same parents who spend so much time together can be so different!

So there it is, my first InstaFriday.  Tune in next week for more pics of our daily lives!

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