June 4, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...It is a beautiful day!  Sunny and not too hot.  I am lucky to be home with Lil' Sis today and we enjoyed the beautiful sunshine earlier.

I am thinking...my mom.  She had a gallbladder attack in the middle of the night.  She spent some time in the Emergency Department and was sent home early this morning.  She's doing pretty well right now, but I believe this means she definitely will need surgery soon.

I am thankful...for an unexpected day at home, though it is going by way too fast.

In the kitchen...nothing exciting today, but I'm looking forward to trying out a new pulled pork recipe tomorrow.  

I am wearing...a gray sweatshirt and old black yoga pants.  Will need to change into something presentable to take the girls to gymnastics later.

I am creating...Well, I made some play-doh cookies and cupcakes earlier.  Does that count?!?!?

I am going... to take the girls to their first summer gymnastics and tumbling classes tonight. We're all looking forward to it!

I am reading...Quitter by Jon Acuff.  Almost done!

I am hoping...for good news later this week.

I am looking forward to...date night with hubby this weekend!  

I am learning...that I need to get serious about sleeping more.  6 1/2 hours a night is not enough!

Around the house...lots of laundry.  I'm getting "caught up" if that's even possible.

I am pondering...why I torture myself by not getting enough sleep?!?!?!

A favorite quote for today...Worrying is like praying for what you don't want. - found on Pinterest

One of my favorite things...Southern Living Magazine.  I so badly want to move south.  Preferably by the ocean or a large lake (think Lake Norman, NC).  The Midwest just doesn't do it for me!

A few plans for the rest of the week: gymnastics & tumbling classes, dance company auditions, last day of school for Big Sis,  and date night.

A peek into my day...the girls goofing around at the bus stop.  I love when I get to wait for the bus with Big Sis!

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