June 2, 2012

Road Trip!

This week I had to go on an overnight trip out of town for a work meeting.  It's a crazy trip as I spend 8 hours in the car (round trip) for a 6 hour meeting, but it is worth it since the people I work with are scattered all over the state.  We only get together in person a few times a year, so it is nice to see them all for a day.

I love looking at signs on the road. There were so many good ones on my drive Thursday night.  Unfortunately I wanted so badly to get to my hotel to rest that evening that this one at a rest stop was the only one I could snap a picture of.  

When I arrived at my hotel, I was pleased to discover that they were extremely concerned for my safety.

Yep, all fire alarms!  I'd hate to hear what that sounds like when there actually is a fire!

And if you were worried that this wasn't enough, a fifth one was in the bathroom...

The hotel room safety features weren't the only perks of my stay.  I also had the greatest room location.  I actually had a door that led out to the courtyard by the swimming pool.  It was a rainy day and I had to get to my meeting, but check this out...

If I didn't have to rush home because hubby was going out of town for work (timing is everything!) I'd have stayed an extra night just to enjoy my view, along with a glass of wine!  

I think the only time I ever enjoy breakfast in bed is at this hotel!  This was really yummy.  I didn't have time to eat it all, but I'm really glad I chose the eggs over a bowl of cereal!

Just in time for the drive home, a massive downpour.  Thankfully it only rained for the first 30 - 40 minutes of my 4 hour drive home.  But of course, I had no umbrella, so during those 30 or so minutes, not only was I struggling to see the road, but I was SOAKING wet and cold!  The sun did finally come out and between that and the heat in my car I dried off quickly thank goodness!

I stopped for a fancy schmancy dinner at McDonalds.  It was the coolest McDonald's I've ever seen.  If I wasn't worried about what the other people eating inside thought, I would've taken pictures.  But I was afraid too.  It was very modern and bright.  I've never seen anything like it before.  And didn't really expect to see that in the middle of nowhere, which is where I was.

A quick pit stop for gas, and I was on the road again ready to get home!
To make time go by fast on the road, I listened to this for a bit.  It was ok.  I don't think I'll listen to the other 14 hours that are left.  But maybe I'll borrow the actual book someday.  Maybe.

And finally the best stop of the day - home sweet home!  So thankful to come home to two happy girls who were spoiled by ice cream from their grandparents!  After putting them to bed, I enjoyed some blog reading, TV watching, wine and popcorn.  The perfect R&R after 26 straight hours away from home!

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